Bulletin board system

Widely used in times of scarcity cable computer network computer users a way to communicate through the public switched telephone network.

BBS originally contained a variety of companies and access to them has been paid. Subsequently, the same as a hobby, they were open and private individuals. The bulk of access to private BBS free.

BBS can be both autonomous and associated with other BBS (usually via Fidonet).

To access the BBS required telephone network, modem and terminal program (minicom, Y-term, ZOC (Eng.), Telix, Hyper Terminal, Terminate, Telemax and others). Some BBS also available (or exclusively) through the Internet via telnet.

User launches BBS terminal program initiates this program a phone call to the number BBS, BBS offers after connection log (enter your login and password) or register as a new user and after a successful user login provides access to it:

to the “bulletin board” where everyone can publish or selected news and announcements (with this feature and started BBS);
to newsgroups (like modern web forums), with the development of BBS conference distributed between Fidonet BBS network and became known ehokonferentsy;
directories to share files, each file is accompanied by a description and counter downloads, user rating may be considered downloads / downloads.
In addition to the online access to the conferences have been developed for off-line reading conferences via QWK (English) and Blue Wave (English). User connects to the BBS, downloaded to your computer file package with messages disconnected. Read messages written responses and new messages in the conference, which then program QWK or Blue Wave going in the package. In the most free time again BBS user was connected to BBS, pumped her package with their messages and retrieve them from the messages that were left on the other BBS users for the time elapsed since its previous call to BBS.

BBS for the organization need special software.

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